Understand the operation rules of belt conveyor

2020-07-02 535

When the belt conveyor stops running, press the stop button to block the total power supply after all the system stops. Please refer to the following for detailed operation.

1. Turn on the main power switch to check whether the power supply of the equipment is normal and whether the power indicator is on. Carry out the next operation after normal operation.

2. Turn on the power switch of each circuit. Under normal conditions, the equipment does not act, the running indicator of belt conveyor is not on, the power indicator of frequency converter and other equipment is on, and the display panel of frequency converter is normal (no fault code is displayed).


3. Start the electrical equipment in sequence according to the process flow, and start the next electrical equipment after the previous one is normal. In the operation of the belt conveyor, we must abide by the rules of the articles to be transported and the design capacity of the belt conveyor.

4. Secondly, it should be noted that all kinds of personnel should not touch the moving part of the belt conveyor, and non professional personnel should not touch electrical components and control buttons at will.

In the end, the belt conveyor can not open the rear stage of the frequency converter during the operation. If the maintenance needs to be determined, it must be carried out under the condition of stopping the frequency conversion operation, otherwise the frequency converter may be damaged. Source: Guangdong belt conveyorhttp://www.celebratethestruggle.com

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